Points to consider prior to acceptance of a new Job Offer

Receiving a job offer is of course a merry moment , it’s time to enjoy as the ball is in your court now. But running into any emotional decision could be fatal. Stay level headed, especially if you are holding a pretty nice job at the moment. Think well before accepting a job offer. Consider the following points before making any conclusions.

Is the offer an add up?

Ensure the documents holds everything that you were offered verbally during the application. Cross check the title, location, department, work hours, reporting line, vacation entitlement, benefits, salary,start date and other important information thoroughly. Clarify the discrepancies, if any, with the HR representative. There are a number of candidates who had to reject the job offers due to the wrong information contained in the document and this is obviously not desired by any candidate.

Is the new employer offering fair remuneration?

This is one of the important things to consider before accepting the job offer. Make sure you are comfortable and happy with the remuneration offered to you and find out how realistic it would be to get an increased payout at that point. Remember, you will have to stay with the package you accept now, until the next hike in the salary.

Is the location suitable for you?

Make sure not only the office layout ,but also its physical location is suitable for you. While some thrive, but few do not find themselves in an open office landscape. Some of them want a a commuting time , while for others commuting is a sheer wastage of time. Visualize yourself working in that office environment, and what will it be like.

Will you like to work with the staff of that office?

Does your new boss and team seem like a happy bunch welcoming you to the new office or will they leave everything to your responsibility? Is the corporate culture is a perfect for your ideas and values? If you are able to connect with the people, they will feel like for you and will support you.

Do you Know what you’ll need to do in the new job?

Make sure the workload at your new job is realistic and worth the compensation you are offered. Make sure you understand the requirements of the company , which is expected from you. If aren’t able to understand, you may place requests for a document that outlines their expectations and your duties you’ll be required to carry . A detailed job description will help you know about the future salary reviews and will also prevent your new employer giving you additional random tasks having no connection with the job prospects.

Know about the career prospects

Will you be staying on the same position for long term or are your position will be shifted on the ladder every year? You might or might not want a promotion beyond this position, whatever may be plan you’ll want that the company also has the same plan and also they are aware of your intentions.