Things To Consider Before Job Searching While Employed

Employees switch over their job companies for a number of reasons. Whatever may be the reasons for leaving, seeking a job while employed requires agent-like stealth and discretion.

You may consider the following covert moves for job search while you are employed-

1. Keep Your Work and Job Search Separate

Sometimes it’s OK to search for a new job at work if your job seems insecure to you. But at the same time make sure to keep your work and job search separate. Never try out job search at your company’s computer, also it’s not wise to use your work email to reach out the potential employers as many employers monitor email and computers.Likewise, never use the resources of the company to print work samples or resumes.

2. Be Careful while Telling about Your Search

Even if you trust your cubicle partner , but you should think twice before telling him/her about your future career prospects-the office chatter can never end. Keep your job interviews and leads as private as possible. Entrust your search only to the individuals , whom you think are worthy of your confidence.

3. Schedule the Interviews Strategically

You need to be creative with scheduling interviews. Try to schedule your interview before/after the work or during the lunch break. You may use personal or vacation days if your interviewer is not flexible with the schedule.

4. Beware of your Wardrobe

Make sure that you are dressed well ,especially on the days you have an interview. A proper interview dress is important to land on a good a job, you can’t wear khakis or polo shirts on the day of the interview.

5. Do not get noticed by the Boss

While applying for the job you need to be very careful with your boss. As knowing about your job application may land you amongst the temporary employees in eyes of the employer – which may consequently eliminate you form some important projects or may be worse, or your position may be given to a new employee.

6. Be Honest With Potential Employers

If a potential employer question whether your current employer is well versed about your job search, you should be honest with the reply. Potential employers can very easily discover whether you are speaking the truth or not- if your answer stands on the carpet of lie you will certainly be removed from the list of potential candidates.

7. Stay focused on your current responsibilities

You need to stay focused on your current responsibilities, within your working hours. You need to be a productive employee to your employer till the time you don’t join the new office.

8. Remember You haven’t Got the Job Yet

It’s quite natural to feel optimistic about the new position after a few stellar interviews, but at the same time you need to keep in mind , that position is not yours until and unless it’s offered to you. Thus, you shouldn’t submit the  resignation letter to your boss until you are not handed over a written offer.

Searching a job while employed could be rough, after all no one prefers to do more work after work. But at the same time it’s benefits too. As the employed job searchers are in a position to negotiate salary to up to the best figures.