Studies Abroad – Study in Russia

More than 5,000 Indian students currently in various medical and technical institutions in the Federation of Russia are enrolled. 99% of them extend to more than 20 countries on the academies are to pursue medical studies.

Recognised institutions
Under the who list Panel all Russian medical institutions are recognized by MCI. Dental surgery courses Smolensk State Medical Academy and the only medical and Dental Council of India in Moscow State University are recognised by dental.

Foreign medical institutions
Indian students who take foreign medical institutions, Medical Council of India to enter into a ‘ no NOC levy are required. It all its certificates and mark sheets (after class x) mandated to be posted .
Russian medical establishments
If it is possible, in theory, students apply directly for admission to most Russian medical institutions recruiting students from different countries to “contractors” and the name of the channel used to insist on admission. most University dormitory, student welfare facilities for the provision of “contractors” to work through and prefer to deposit fees it apparently for studentsWho are new into the atmosphere and is not in the local language. these “contractors” is the secondary agent in India. in many cases, students themselves as Indian contractors and agents to operate.

Pay a fee
While the cost of ‘ entrepreneur ‘ to the first semester, the students gather on his arrival in Russia, this is the last straight semesters University pay a fee for advice is given as “contractor paid through taxes, student get proper reception has led at the end of the inscription to have been credited in the past with a number of complaints.

Russian universities do not accept cheques, cash in money in the Bank, etc. is stored in local currency draphton. If cash or other students eligible to convert, it’s arrival, which makes it easy to Exchange customs it is banks source recommended in their declared accounts to deposit the money at the Airport bringing. ask a large volume of and they need the customs declaration if it Brought from abroad.

Safekeeping of passports and original certificates
Passports are the property of the original of the certificate and related students and contractors or any other foreign officials custody cannot take everything. Passport does not have rights. students must have their passport with them forever. Police Passport, visa and registration may at any time require to see.
Any foreigner coming Federation of Russia within a period of three days to register needs concerning ‘ or ‘contractor’ University usually deals with the procedure of registration for foreign students as well.

Embassy phone number
For any other inquiries, please call the number below to contact the India Embassy in Moscow education Division:

Tel: 007-495-200-3221
Email ID: