Senior java developer required : Alteo

Location: Montreal, QC

Date: August 5, 2014


Alteo announces permanent employment in Montreal, looking a senior Java developer.Senior Java developer, responsible for the development of software-based systems will be part of the team directly to the steering it. Report, a technical training Advanced Java with strong interpersonal skills and a solid understanding of the architecture of system start House associated with the possibility of being.


• 2 to 3 senior Java developers to work with and the technical expertise needed

• Quickly learn the current model of complex systems technical system architecture and data

• The requirements and needs of real business users to learn the basics of trading

• Press and hold 3 system of main business at the time real (Java/Oracle)

• Recommend improvements to certain parts of the architecture of the old system and redesign

• Understand the needs of users and the work with the new features of the system design

• Best practices using a complete understanding and multi-threading of basic programming with Java

• Make sure that the overall unit, integration, functional and user acceptance testing is complete before moving the code to the production environment

• System is a 24/5 environment operate to ensure correctly.

Required skills:

• Experience as a developer Java for 7 years and more

• Java expert level with multi-threading

• Extensive experience with layers, including all Java – EAP, Hibernate, JSF, swing, Eclipse RCP, SQL

• JUnit, Ant, Jasper reports and knowledge of other technologies and assets

• Change management, continuous integration and planning experience with assets of liberation

• Organizational skills, initiatives and work independently within a team and have the ability to work