Scope of Electrical and electronic Engineering

Electrical and electronic engineers is a technology of system positioning global huge giant power generating point location of a moving vehicle may vary from covers a wide variety of these engineers design, development, testing, as well as the production of electrical and electronic equipment and machines are responsible for the supervision of broadcasting and telecommunications systems.Control of lights, electric motors, machines and complex, vehicles, planes, radar and systems navigation, power generation, construction and control transmission wiring devices that are used by the electric utilities made by these engineers are all examples of devices. Even those who work in areas related to computers for them also it is fruitful  however, these engineers who deals exclusively with computer equipment.

Electrical and electronic engineers in various fields such as power generation, transport and distribution can choose to specialize in; Communication; Construction of electrical equipment, etc. or a special feature; The enemy for example these industrial robot control systems or aviation electronics maintenance engineers requirements so that maps and calendars to their performance, the development of related writings include the design of new products, test equipment and machines, the solution. operational problems, estimate the time and cost of electrical and electronic products are part of their work.

In 2002, electrical and electronics engineers jobs around 292000 and constitutes the largest branch of engineering of these more professional engineers, scientists and technical services companies working in government organizations. computer and hardware manufacturers and electronic machines have also employed engineers. the remaining engineers who deal with wholesale trade, communication, and utilities were absorbed by companies.